Roofing Works was recently purchased by Tim Cloutier, a long time operations manager for the company and a very successful and experienced roofer with more then 14 years in the business.

We are currently revamping much of the marketing materials and will be updating this page in the near future.

Core Values

Service Excellence
Providing proactive, cost-efficient and timely services focused on quality. The services will be delivered with a positive attitude through ethical and sound business practices.

Our Mission
To be the industry leader for the installation of preferred waterproofing systems and to understand the principals of the Building Envelope to ensure superior building performance to clients in the Ottawa area. We will achieve this by investing in our people, the research of quality construction products and equipment, as well as high standards of service delivery models to ensure a delighted customer.

Team Building, Motivation, and Development
Providing an environment, which promotes employee motivation and safety. Creating multi-disciplinary teams by attracting qualified team members as well as providing on going training for the benefit and development of the individual and the company.

Commitment to Success
Dedication to the success of our business, a fair relationship with our suppliers, and the participation of our team members’ dedication to attain 100% Customer Satisfaction in the communities in which we serve.